We work with coaches and club directors to Build websites that manage their day-to-day operations on auto-pilot

Save Time & Do More of What You Love... Coach

Out of all of the club directors we’ve worked with over the last few years, not one has mentioned how much they enjoy paperwork. It has become the bane of our existence ever since the moment we’ve started our clubs.

In Matt’s second year of coaching he took over much of the behind-the-scenes administrative duties at our club. Back then they were still doing everything by hand and countless excel spreadsheets. All payments were cash or checks, stacks of paper everywhere, parents mailing in registration forms.. it was an intern’s worst nightmare. 

Matt created Sportamingo to automate his entire job so he could avoid the consecutive all-night paperwork parties at the beginning of each club season.

One Platform For Everything You Need as a Club Director

Our goal in building Sportamingo was to create an all-in-one solution that could handle the needs of volleyball clubs while at the same time, and more importantly, staying out of their way.

As Brian put it a few years ago, he was sick of having to use multiple services (Google Docs, Excel, Quick Books, Mail Chimp, PayPal) to do his job. He used the analogy that it felt like he was duct-taping cardboard together and calling it a fort. We’ve all been there.

Our core software allows you to design and host your website with a drag-and-drop page builder, manage event signups online, automatically handle invoicing and credit card processing (powered by Stripe), user dashboards and a communication suite that allows you to send/schedule emails to individuals, entire teams, event registration lists or smart groups (dynamic user lists that auto-populate live based on specific rules / criteria you set).

Protect Your Families' Privacy

Before we built Sportamingo, we had spent months going through various product demos… Sports Engine, Blue Sombrero, Team Snap, LeagueApps, Active.com, TeamApp, etc.

While many of those companies have great products, the one thing they all have in common is the concern that they own your families’ data.. not you! Many of the club directors – and more so, parents – hate going to a 3rd party website to register for events because they have no idea where their information is going to end up.

For this reason, Sportamingo was built as a WordPress Plugin that you can use on your own server.. guaranteeing that 100% of your families’ data will stay on your club’s website.

If you don’t have a WordPress website already, we can help you get setup with hosting and installation. Ask nicely and we’ll even build a website for you with Elementor PRO – a kickass drag-and-drop editor that blows Wix and Squarespace away.

Customized Solutions For Individual Clubs

Every club has different needs and desires. After our initial beta group began we knew that it would be important for Sportamingo to be built in a way that allowed it to be custom-tailored for each club. That’s why we’ve created the ability to extend Sportamingo’s Core Platform with additional plugins.

Have a specific feature request that isn’t included in our core software yet? Just ask nicely.. chances are we can build it for you! If it is something that will help our other clubs we’ll even wrap it into our core software.

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