Invoicing & Payment Processing

Sending out invoices, tracking payments and IRS reporting doesn’t have to be complicated. We built an invoicing system aimed at simplifying this process and saving you time.

Invoicing & Payment Processing Overview

Simplified Payment Tracking

Whenever your club is going to accept a payment, Sportamingo will issue an invoice to the parent of the respective player. Transactions are then added to that specific invoice.. making it simple to track which invoices are paid, how/when they were paid and who still owes.

Multiple Line Items

Our invoices support multiple line items complete with item quantities, unit costs and discounts per-line-item (flat amount or percentage based). Parents will know exactly what they are paying for each time they receive an invoice – we’ll keep everybody on the same page.

Accepting Payments

We’ve integrated our event registration system with Stripe, the leader in online payment processing. We’ve used them to process over $2 million in payments during our beta period and couldn’t be happier with their product and service.

Signing up with them will only take 10-15 minutes and your club will be able to accept credit card payments directly through Sportamingo as part of the registration process. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of PayPal or signup for QuickBooks.

We also support cash and check payment types for parents who do not wish to use a credit card when paying for an invoice.

Notification Emails

Sportamingo notifies the appropriate parties the moment an invoice is created or a new transaction is processed. By default we’ll shoot an email with the information to the club director and a confirmation receipt to the parent (which they can also find in their parent dashboards).

Automatic Invoice Management

Our invoicing system is fully integrated with our other components which gives us the ability to automatically create / update invoices for parents when appropriate. You won’t have to touch most of the invoices that we send out for your club.

ie) Parent registers their child for an event. After they submit their registration and receive their initial invoice, they change their registration option and now owe an additional balance. We’ll automatically update the invoice amount so that it is reflected in their parent dashboards.

Create Invoices in Bulk

When you create invoices in Sportamingo you create an “invoice template” and then select the players you would like to invoice. You can filter through your entire membership list by typing in their name, click the button next to their name and move on to the next player. We’ve been able to drop the time spent per invoice down to 5-10 seconds.