Event Registration System

Our event registration system was designed specifically for volleyball clubs. Whether you're running tryouts, summer camp or a small group clinic we’ve got you covered.

Event Registration Overview

We Support Free and Paid Events

By default, events created within Sportamingo are free. If you would like to charge a fee for your event, you can add multiple registration options for parents to select from while signing up their children.

When a parent submits their registration, an invoice will automatically be sent to the parent and tagged with the event registration ID for reporting purposes.

Flexible Registration Forms

You may wish to collect additional information from registrants while they are signing up for your program (ie. last year’s club or their experience level). Our custom registration fields make it simple to gather this info so you can plan ahead accordingly.

Registration Discounts

Our registration system supports both early bird discounts and discount codes. We’re also working on a feature that will allow you to award event credits to individual accounts so they can claim them the next time they signup for an event.

ie) Two players win a Summer Doubles Tournament so you award them with a free tournament down the road.

Notification Emails

Sportamingo notifies the appropriate parties the moment a registration is processed. By default we’ll shoot an email with the registration info to the club director and a confirmation receipt to the parent (which they can also find in their parent dashboards).

Any subsequent actions related to that registration will also trigger a notification to the parent(s) of that player. ie) a transaction is recorded for that registration invoice.

Automated Followups

One of the most tedious tasks you have as a club director is sending followup communications to event registrants. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply write the email you need to send and let somebody else deal with the hassle?

With Automated Followups, you can. After you create your event you can write each message, schedule a date/time to send and we’ll take care of making sure the message goes out to the correct recipients on time.

Back End Registrations

Regardless of how easy the signup process is, some parents will inevitably have trouble finding the power button on their computers. They’ll call you and ask to sign their child up for an event. Our back end makes this a breeze, even if you have to create their accounts from scratch.

Automatically Collect Payments

We’ve integrated our event registration system with Stripe, the leader in online payment processing. We’ve used them to process over $2 million in payments during our beta period and couldn’t be happier with their product and service.

Signing up with them will only take 10-15 minutes and your club will be able to accept credit card payments directly through Sportamingo as part of the registration process. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of PayPal or signup for QuickBooks.

Easy Check-in

Checking in attendees is simple. Just pull up an event registration list and click a button. Done.