Communication Suite

The most important aspect of running a successful club is effective communication with parents. Whether you need to send out an immediate announcement or schedule an email for next week, we’ll make sure your message gets delivered.

Communication Suite Overview

Send Immediately or Schedule

Whether you need to send out an immediate announcement or you’re just looking to get ahead of the curve, you can write an email.. then “fire and forget” and know that it will be delivered when intended.

We use this a ton when we’re up late at night but want parents to see an important announcement. We’ll schedule our message to send at 9am the following morning so it jumps straight to the top of their email inbox when they walk into the office.

Dynamic Recipient Lists

While we do support the option to add individual accounts to your email broadcasts, it is a feature that we don’t use regularly. Most of the time we send emails using Dynamic Recipient Lists to make sure we don’t forget to add somebody.

For example, I can send an email broadcast to everybody attending a specific tournament the following weekend. All I have to do is hop in to the editor, write my message and then check off the teams that are going. Sportamingo will send individual emails to everybody that has been tagged to one those teams at the specific moment your message is triggered to actually send.

Duplicate Account Removal

Just before Sportamingo sends an email, we check to make sure that there aren’t any duplicate accounts. We wouldn’t want to blast a parent with five emails of the same message – that would just be annoying.

Email Open Tracking

Have you ever wondered how many parents are actually reading your emails? Now you can find out for sure! Sportamingo will tell you which parents have opened your emails and who has been “missing” them 🙂

Emails Are Branded With Your Club

Sportamingo is never mentioned in any outgoing emails that you send. We’re not going to slap our branding all over your private communications with families… we’ve got an issue with that.

All emails that are sent are formatted as personal emails.

Email Archives

We maintain a log of every single email that is sent from Sportamingo to your members. Everything from confirmation messages to your broadcasts. We also give you the ability to search through this archive and review every email we’ve sent on your behalf.

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